Thursday, 2 May 2013

Do You Do Decaf?

Do you drink decaf coffee? We all have different reasons for making this choice. Perhaps you drink it in the evening if you have coffee then?  Or perhaps caffeine makes you feel jumpy and agitated and you never drink caffeinated beverages.  Perhaps you always drink half decaf mixed with caffeinated coffee all the time?

If you do choose decaf, it's nice to know that the caffeine has been removed from your coffee by a natural process.  Ometepe's decaf beans are prepared in just such a way, using the "Swiss-water decaffeination process".  If a coffee doesn't say they have used this method, the caffeine is most likely removed by the use of chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate.  That doesn't sound very tasty, does it?

Check out this link to learn about the safe and natural process of Swiss Water decaffeination which removes 99.9% of the caffeine while maintaining the flavour:

So whether you choose decaf or not, for yourself or your guests, when you buy Ometepe beans you are buying shade grown organic beans that promote sustainability and support farmers and their families on Ometepe Island.  Profits from the sale of these beans support other projects in Nicaragua.

Find Omeptepe beans at the Salt Spring Saturday market, Rendezvous Patisserie, The Mercantile, Nature Works or Global Village in Victoria.  Coffee by the cup is available at Kizmit, Rendezvous and the Saturday market.  And what nicer way to enjoy your coffee than out on your sunny deck this weekend?  Sip your coffee and savour the sunshine.  Happy weekend.