Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Ometepe Coffee in Victora

If you love Ometepe coffee and live in Victoria your beans are not far away!  You can find our dark, medium and decaf organic beans at The Global Village Store at 527 Pandora Ave, on the north side of Market Square.  I know it's fun to come over to Salt Spring and find Ometepe at the Saturday market but we're not there in winter and I'm guessing you didn't buy enough beans to get you through 'til the market reopens in April.

And while you're there picking up your beans in this lovely little shop, you might just find some other fair trade goodies from around the world that strike your fancy.  Global Village is run completely by volunteers and stocks crafts from over 35 producers around the world.  Most of these are craft cooperatives, 90% of them women who have organized to sell traditional crafts.  In addition to our delicious coffee you will find greeting cards, scarves, hats, jewelry, decorative masks, toys and more.

Global Village is a great match for Ometepe Coffee as, just like Ometepe, it directly supports artisans and workers by paying fair trade prices for the goods you find in the shop.  Just like Ometepe, Global Village is run by volunteers.  It's a fun place to stop, have a chat with a volunteer and pick up the beans for your next cup of java.  We visited with a volunteer from Columbia and chatted about roasting coffee from her own plants in Columbia an mixing it with sugar scraped off a block and mixed with hot milk.  We hear that there are quite a few Ometepe fans that stop in for their beans on a regular basis. Why not become one of them.

Global Village is open 10-5 pm Monday - Saturday.